Might not be much, but I’ll take it

I got into sport for all the wrong reasons.. well, you may say right reasons, but it could  have been anything -  sport, stamp collecting, snake charming. What I mean to say is that  I didn’t get into sport because I enjoy sport, I got into sport because I had to do something, my life …

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Hold it, hold it…. hold it!

Yes, I know, I haven't posted the last weeks training and it's already Thursday! I hear the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, life will never be the same ... Actually I have been traveling constantly, intercontinental, continental and national! I'm now sat at 5am in departures, awaiting the last stage of my journey back …

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Bike and Blossoms

It was a real struggle getting out on the bike today. I knew it would be warm, I knew this was my last chance before heading back to Europe, but my inner wimp was telling me to do the ride indoors. I never enjoy the journey through Tokyo traffic to the river but this time …

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Whinge, whinge, whinge

There I was this morning, ready to post to this blog about how I still hurt and can’t train properly, how hard it’s been, how unlucky I am not to be born a natural athlete etc, a full on whinge combined with a side order of excuses… however before I could press send I got distracted, …

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Back on track

Today is the first day of the first full week in Japan, and I am looking forward to getting down and dirty with my training. The weather si warming up, I am recovering well from both my accident and my travelling, and really feel the energy and desire coming back. I love this buzz I …

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Starting again… again!

I am sat on a plane flying to Japan as I wrote this. It’s about 2.5 weeks since I had my sudden and painful meeting with the Spanish tarmac, and as you may expect, things have been up and down. It was in all truthfulness a minor crash, but it got to me a bit …

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A painful reminder

Afternoon folks, lovely day here in sunny Spain, the type that makes you feel good to be alive… And I can say that with meaning, as last Friday at around 5pm, a car pulled out in front of me as I was coming down a hill, and sent both me and my bike flying… I …

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GURYE Ironman 2017 Report

I just signed up to do the Korean Ironman again, taking place in Gurye on Sep 9th, so thought I’d repost my race report from last year… yay, I’m excited as my race year is beginning to take shape.

Get the Run Done!

Gurye IronMan.  Korea 10 September 2017

After all the issues of injury and recovery, motivation and “lack there-of” over the last 12 months, at long last race day had arrived. The previous few days had been a whirl of activity, involving constant travelling the 8km between our hotel on the outskirts of Gurye Town to the main “race central” situated in the National Park for registration, briefing, swim practice, bike check et al, so was nice to finally focus on the reason I was in Korea – to participate in my 6th Iron distance race.

IMG_1822 (002) Ready to race. One days worth of gear

I woke at 3am and started the process of preparation – eating as much as I could, constant trips to the toilet to lighten the load and checking and rechecking my gear. Our group of 10 had all decided to take the 5am shuttle bus, so…

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Strava, bloody Strava!

  This is just a quickie, to highlight my new discovery.. the Strava App. I am sure most of you who ride bikes have been using this for some while, but as usual I am very late to the game and I only just started using it... and every day I discover something new. First …

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A good week, Strava and new motivation

Ok, a week has passed and no updates, I hold my hands up and hang my head in shame. No real excuses other than actually stayed fit enough to train all week and I used all my energy on swim/bike/run/gym and very little left for anything else First a quick update on the tropical weather …

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