Monday morning motivator!

I just had a fantastic early Monday morning workout, and just had to tell you about it 🙂

Wahoo Kickr

I start training properly from this week, I’m feeling fit, bug free and most importantly, managed a proper nights sleep. However, I have to travel up to London for a few days, so was bit pushed for time this morning. Having done a 15k run (and a 2.5k swim) yesterday, my best option was bike, but only had an hour … which is when the excuses start popping up in my head, not enough time, need to check emails, tired from yesterday… I was giving my self reasons to “ give it a miss”, after all, I can do something tomorrow …

Noooooo! It’s my first proper day back in the saddle , I can’t be missing things, but what to do??? I’ve already wasted time arguing with myself and now only 45minutes left to do something …

So, I stopped thinking and jumped on my indoor trainer. I read a fantastic blog article yesterday about needing to ride at 90rpm to see decent results ( check it out here, Importance of riding at 90rmp really interesting blog, lots of great articles). Using that logic as a base, I made up a quick interval schedule in my head and off I went.

10 minutes warm up

5 x 3min @90rpm, with 1 min rest

5 mins cool down

I didn’t worry too much about what gear I was in, just about keeping the resistance at the highest level I could maintain 90rpm (FYI power on the “3 minutes all out” was around 165-207watts, which shows how weak I am right now). The one minute rest I dropped the revs and increased resistance … all the time blasting Euro Dance music on Morning Music TV (I hope my neighbours were at work, if not then I hope they like Avicii as much as I do!!)

Was fantastic workout, a total of 35 minutes, with a hard and fast 3 minutes at full power with just enough recovery in between to be ready to go 100% in the next one. I was sweating hard at the end, but without the tiredness you’d get from a longer session.

And I felt proud of myself, instead of putting it off and feeling guilty , I used my time wisely, had a great workout and got a full blast of endorphins to kick start my day and a great workout to mark down in training record!


4 thoughts on “Monday morning motivator!

  1. loseweightmotv8

    I have the same issue. I dread having to get off my backside and go to the Gym, but once I’m finished I feel great!

    And the excuses I come up with sometimes not to exercise are weak at best…..


    1. Yep, this is so true. The bullsxxt we tell oursleves to get out of a planned workout! Some of the most pathetic I use are “Its raining and it takes to long to get my training shoes dry” or “I already showered so don’t want to get sweaty again”… blah. I am going for a run now, I feel guilty already

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