Ironman Korea – Gurye 2019 (non) Race report

This is the third year of writing a race report for Ironman Korea, having participated in the previous two editions in 2017 and 2018. However the 2019 race report has one major change from previous years - it was The Race That Never Was .... As had become standard, my year was planned with some …

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Japan Half Ironman – Centrair 70.3 Race Report

The Japan Half Ironman, or to give it its proper title, IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan 2019, is now the only Ironman branded race in Japan, and is celebrating its 10th year. In my mind I thought I had attended 3 times previously and was somewhat shocked when I checked back through my records …

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Marbella 70.3 Half Ironman 2019 – Race Report

It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog, (which is a pretty familiar sentence this past year), but no excuses, had a lot on my plate that has nothing to do with training or racing, so spending extra energy writing a blog has simply not been a priority. But I have been …

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Training Log – Penultimate week pre-training

I thought I should do a proper weekly update on my training – it’s hardly earth shattering stuff and unlikely will change anyone’s life (including mine!),  but if nothing else helps me review what I’ve done This particular review covers the week starting  18 Feb (almost two weeks ago), during which I split my time …

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Ironman Gurye, Korea 2018: Race Report

Since the completion of Ironman Gurye three and half weeks ago, I’ve been taking things pretty easy. I’ve put in a handful of runs of around 30 minutes,  plus another couple around the 60 minute mark. Added to that have been a few short indoor bike sessions and at least one relaxed swim per week,  …

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GURYE Ironman 2017 Report

I just signed up to do the Korean Ironman again, taking place in Gurye on Sep 9th, so thought I’d repost my race report from last year… yay, I’m excited as my race year is beginning to take shape.

Get the Run Done!

Gurye IronMan.  Korea 10 September 2017

After all the issues of injury and recovery, motivation and “lack there-of” over the last 12 months, at long last race day had arrived. The previous few days had been a whirl of activity, involving constant travelling the 8km between our hotel on the outskirts of Gurye Town to the main “race central” situated in the National Park for registration, briefing, swim practice, bike check et al, so was nice to finally focus on the reason I was in Korea – to participate in my 6th Iron distance race.

IMG_1822 (002) Ready to race. One days worth of gear

I woke at 3am and started the process of preparation – eating as much as I could, constant trips to the toilet to lighten the load and checking and rechecking my gear. Our group of 10 had all decided to take the 5am shuttle bus, so…

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