Training Log – Penultimate week pre-training

I thought I should do a proper weekly update on my training – it’s hardly earth shattering stuff and unlikely will change anyone’s life (including mine!),  but if nothing else helps me review what I’ve done This particular review covers the week starting  18 Feb (almost two weeks ago), during which I split my time …

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Fast after fifty

I have just come to the end of a wonderful 6 weeks in southern Spain, where I have enjoyed either running, biking or swimming in the glorious sunshine every single day (well there were a few grey and colder days, but those are quickly forgotten ). I will be continuing my training in the UK, …

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Living the dream in Spain

We are now far enough through the month of January to have gotten over the excesses of Christmas, allowing us to start on the plans that can turn our hopes and dreams into reality. One of my favourite quotes is "in a year from now you'll wish you started today", it's so bloody simple but …

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