Training Log – Penultimate week pre-training

I thought I should do a proper weekly update on my training – it’s hardly earth shattering stuff and unlikely will change anyone’s life (including mine!),  but if nothing else helps me review what I’ve done

This particular review covers the week starting  18 Feb (almost two weeks ago), during which I split my time between three locations in two different countries (UK and Spain), meaning less time focused on training and more time and effort spent travelling between points A, B and C. Actually I am currently writing this as I travel back to my third country of residence (Japan), involving even more lost time moving around and then recovering from the ensuing jet lag, so my training “proper” will start in the first week of March. I have read and been told by various coaches that other than a commitment to making time to train, the next most important thing to being a successful athlete is to have a settled life, something I sorely miss and something I badly need to address.

Ready to Race. Javea 9.8k
Ready to Race. With my training buddy feeling relaxed pre race

Season 2019 – Penultimate Week Pre-training.

Monday 18 Feb

I went to the local gym in my home town for a pool and strength workout
Swim – 100 x 19. Focused on left hand breathing and form. I am faster when I swim breathing on the left, but this still feels un-natural and uncomfortable, with lots of sinking, panicking and water swallowing, so it’s a work in progress
Gym – 90 minutes strength and conditioning focused on legs and chest.
Run – easy 5k run

Tuesday 19th Feb.

Moving back up to London in afternoon to take a flight early Wed.
Bike – TrainerRoad 1hr. Tried to keep focused on power, but still pretty pathetic. I believe I can make massive gains by improving my FTP (currently 172), so will follow a plan to do just that on my indoor trainer once I get back to Japan.

Run – 7km @ 5:21 pace, as mentioned in an earlier post, this run was much faster than intended due to a desire to put distance between me and a crazy guy shouting on the street. Great training motivation which I may struggle to replicate.

Wed 20th Feb 
Flew back to Alicante very early morning, staying in a capsule hotel overnight, so not much sleep.
Run – 9.2k @ 5:10 pace.  Planned an easy loosener after traveling, but felt great so let myself go. Pretty happy with result

Thursday 21st Feb

Bike – Quick 90 min spin outside, 40.1k @ 120watts with 413m climbing. This maybe pathetic to the vast majority of cyclists out there , but it’s an improvement for me. Tried to focus on keeping the power going throughout the ride.

Run- Brick 9.24k @ 5:24 pace. After exhorting others to follow every bike with a run, thought I should do the same. Felt comfortable

Fri 22nd Feb

Bike- 40kms/1hr 53mins @ 107w, 428m climbing. Met up with a friend to put in some hard yards, but my legs were fried before I started. Realised I was holding him up so sent him on, then ground out a slow circuit by myself. I was actually tempted to cut it short and go home, but felt much better with myself for persevering

Run – 6.5k @ 5:44 pace. Actually don’t even remember this run, was just a brick to keep the run streak going

Saturday 23rd Feb

Swim- somehow allowed myself to be persuaded to go for open water swim practice in the sea –  seemed such a fun idea at the time! I soon regretted that  decision, as the Mediterranean was freezing that day, and any hopes I had of practising my new “left hand breathing” technique were jettisoned as I fought to simply keep moving. But was good just to get out and do my first open water of the year, we don’t need to mention time or distance.

Run – 3.6k @ 5:38 pace. Just got the run done

Sunday 24th Feb

Run- 9.8k @ 4:33pace. Local race in the little Spanish town I am staying in, which is taken quite seriously by the various sports teams in the area. Over 1200 participated in the first race of a series of 12 that are held in various locations in this part of Costa Blanca, across a 3 month period every year. Bit windy but was a very nice friendly race with good spectator support. I wasn’t looking to do anything more than enjoy and get in a faster run, which I managed with my pace a tad better than I expected! I came in 438 position, which I am happy with at a “preseason” event. Hope to be back in spain to take part in the last few races of the series.


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      1. So I won’t invite you over to sunny Spain for a week of running alongside the pure blue sea and golden beaches, watching the dolphins while eating tapas in the terrace with a glass or two of Cava:))


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