Happy to be back in the land of The Rising Sun

Good morning from hot and humid Tokyo. I have just started into my second week of self-isolation here having already spent 3 days in mandatory hotel quarantine on my return to Japan, before being allowed out to isolate at home. The Japanese government have cracked down hard on people entering the country, with a maximum …

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Ironman Korea – Gurye 2019 (non) Race report

This is the third year of writing a race report for Ironman Korea, having participated in the previous two editions in 2017 and 2018. However the 2019 race report has one major change from previous years - it was The Race That Never Was .... As had become standard, my year was planned with some …

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Race Schedule 2019

So here we are, it’s March already and I need to get my schedule down and decide which races I’m training for. The last three years have been pretty messed up due to family health issues, a sports hernia operation and then being hit by a car, so I haven’t had a full season for …

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