Wet, windy and bored…

A very wet and windy end to the week here in Javea, with something called “gota fría”, or “cold drop” bringing us some crazy weather. Some spectacular lightening during the night, along with rolling thunder to add to the heavy rain and gale force winds we had since yesterday afternoon.

Took a walk to the beach this morning to see the damage, which wasn’t as bad as I thought, although flooded roads and plant and tree detritus mean it’s not suitable for the Shiv (my tri bike).

An angry seaAngry sea in Javea on Sunday.

And I feel lost, bereft and listless. Unfortunately the Spanish still seem to close down on Sundays so all of the gyms are shut, and the pool open just for 3hrs, meaning packed with kids who can’t play outside. I don’t have access to an indoor bike/trainer and I did my long run yesterday (13.5k at 5:35 pace, not bad considering how inactive and under the weather I’ve been for last few months). What to do…???

If the rain holds off I will take the “commuter bike” out for an hour, and maybe try to get a 5km gentle jog done this evening. I will try to stay positive and enjoy, but for first time I am missing cold and wet England, at least I could knock out an hour or two of intense interval training on the Kickr or access the Gym for some strength work.

Oh well, let’s see what I can make of the day, if nothing else it has given me some perspective and a bit of respect for the UK way of life.


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