Sea swimming in January

This is not much of a post, but I just had to share this.. two days ago I mentioned in my blog that it was too cold for swimming in the sea right now, which is only natural it being January and the middle of winter etc ..,.

Swimming in the sea in Javea mid January
Swimming in the sea in Javea mid January

I spoke too soon, there are some hardier souls than me out there! The air temperature was around 16%, with a gentle breeze of around 15-20km. While I didn’t feel any need to rush in and join them, I made a mental note to ensure I get my wetsuit ready and hopefully should be splashing about in The Med very soon.

As my cold has been improving, I got out and managed a short ride outside of just over an hour in the afternoon, was along a rolling course and to be honest I really felt the effort on the way back, another sign of how far I have regressed. I also managed a short 5k run and today will cycle to the local pool (about 8k away, up towards the mountains), and try to get a gentle 60 mins swim done, which hopefully will set me up to start back on a proper training schedule next week.

I’m looking forward to putting some good KMs on the road, to dropping some unwanted KGs from my waist and TRI-ing that little bit harder to be ready for the race season.


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