A good week, Strava and new motivation

Ok, a week has passed and no updates, I hold my hands up and hang my head in shame. No real excuses other than actually stayed fit enough to train all week and I used all my energy on swim/bike/run/gym and very little left for anything else

First a quick update on the tropical weather in sizzling sunny Spain…  its been, how can we say,… changeable? Basically its like the UK but a few degrees warmer. I am told it is to be expected this time of year and the 20+ degrees we had on first arrival is the exception rather than the rule. This week is the same, with wet and windy days interspersed with sun.

Shark in Javea
Exploring the coastline after the storms, came across a 1.5m dead shark beached on the pebbles.

Training wise I am pretty happy with the week, as its first full effort I have managed since early December.

Swim. I started on the Monday with a first swim at the local pool, wasn’t too busy so just did  some random intervals for an hour. I managed the same on Wednesday, although it got a bit busier. The place is very friendly but is probably going to be a bit restrictive once I get into serious intervals, so hopefully the weather will warm enough to enable me to get into the sea.

Bike. I managed three outside bike rides (plus a spin in the gym) for a total of 150+km. It was a bit windy at times but still better than could be expected elsewhere in early February, and going out for a spin weekdays in still nice as the traffic is so much quieter than U.K. or Japan. I have just been exploring the various roads , seems anything over 30 minutes in a straight line and I will hit the foothills, so even the flat one hour rides will give me a 2-300 meters of ascent, with Saturdays ride of 2:45hr  giving me over 600m climbing – week was . If the weather holds this week I want to try some of the steeper bits and do over 1000m.

Run. Running hasn’t been bad either with 3 runs completed, the longest of 90 minutes and a grand total of 35km. No intervals or speed work, just putting in the miles at reasonable pace and easing back into training. My legs hurt afterwards but once I fight through the first few km, I can get back into a reasonable rhythm. (call out to coach Rob Cummins and his post at the weekend that motivated me to get off my arse and run Sunday. http://tricoach.ie/robs-blog-chasing-kona-week-two-cool/#more-11188 )

I also discovered Strava! I signed up for it a couple of years ago, but never used as I am very technophobic, I have been happy with using my Garmin and Garmin Connect for all the details. But while stuck indoors one stormy afternoon I started playing with my phone and clicked on the Strava App. And slowly slowly I start to realise why it’s so addictive. I belong to two clubs, my old Tri group in Tokyo and my yet to ride with group here in Spain. I quickly discovered I could see what everyone had done, then I saw club leader boards with hours and distance, then I found the holy grail, the Segments!! Ooh, I can see the rankings of everyone who has ever completed the various segments of each run and bike ride I have done over here. And it shows me right down in the bottom 10%…. now if you have only one competitive bone in all your body, knowing that your feeble efforts, ranked alongside everyone else’s, are visible to the world then that is a real motivator to get out there and try harder to move up the list. I posted on my previous blog about how the praise for my efforts from non-triathletes rings a little hollow when compared with those who do the sport, and Strava highlights this perfectly, clearly showing how far back in the pack I am, not just against the serious boys and girls, but just about everyone who has ever ridden or run here!

So now armed with my Strava App to keep me motivated, a week of proper training under my belt, no signs of my colds returning and at least three weeks left of without travelling, I am ready to re-appraise what I want to do this year, work out how I am going to achieve it, and then most importantly get my arse out the door to ensure I do!

Its pissing down with rain outside, but I will have at least 3 sunny days with temperature above 10 degrees this week, so I am positive and ready to roll.



2 thoughts on “A good week, Strava and new motivation

  1. Yep, I am living the dream, although as someone said to me again yesterday. absolutely no reason not to train out here… which means I really should be kicking some butt soon, as I don’t have any excuses for being shit any more!


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