The day before the race

Here I am, day before the big race, wasting 20 minutes till lunch so a quick post

Ironman Gurye Korea 2018
Checking out the finish line before race briefing

It’s actually a year since I have raced triathlon, and it was the inaugural Ironman Korea 2017 in Gurye that I last raced, and here I am, 12 months later, to try again.

Back in last October, I had such high hopes this would be a big year for me, but fate had other ideas so one road accident and one (as yet unexplained) severe bout of anemia, I’m back aiming for a finish without being quite last.

It’s been an adventure so far since I got here, and I’ll try to write up in my race report next week, but I can say the people in this very rural area are super friendly, even if basically no-one speaks English (having spent so many years living in Japan I’m used to limited English but here is basically non existent, not even “ one two three”!).

Ok, time for lunch then off to transition for bike check and drop the bike and run bags on their numbered hooks!

The buzz has started 🙂


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