Wow I can see!!!

I wasn’t planning on writing anything this week due to having NLR surgery (natural lens replacement, which is basic cataract surgery but using prescription replacement lenses), however as I am feeling pretty chipper and positive, thought I would get a brief update down.

Firstly – wow, I can see!! I was first prescribed glasses in elementary school, I don’t remember when precisely so am guessing around 48 years ago based on distant memories of showing off my specs in the playground and one old picture of me in the free National Health glasses (and a purple shirt and side parted curly hair proving that my sense of fashion has always been thaaaat bad). Since then my long distance vision has deteriorated year by year, with the middle age curse of close vision loss starting to creep in around 10 years ago.

After NLR surgery
Just after surgery, I actually couldn’t see myself clearly when I took this pic

I wont go into grim detail of the operation (actually its relatively quick, painless and simple), but after having decided to go ahead with the surgery within a week of it being recommended, I was totally shocked at the difference once it was done. Colours burst out all over, details became intense, I was so fascinated with how the green of the grass and white of the daisies stood out and contrasted each other I started telling random strangers waiting in the queue at the fish and chip van – its amazing how polite people can be when faced with an idiot rambling on about the beauty of the natural world. This was all within hours of the operation, and my vision will continue improving day by day as my eyes recover from the procedure. I love it, it’s a whole new world and apparently both my recovery so far and prognosis are extremely good, with “better than” 20/20 for both long and short vision expected (yes I am aware that “better than 20/20” doesn’t make sense, but it means being able to see more than what is accepted as perfect, not X-ray vision as someone suggested it may mean).

One slight drawback from the operations is that any form of exercise is forbidden, due to a) accidents causing damage or more importantly b) increased heart rate causing increased pressure in the eye ball and the chance of glaucoma. This means I was forced to take time off my training, and I arranged for the first week of “total rest” to coincide with my official “rest week”. So in practical terms Mon – Thursday I put in normal training (details below), then I have been restricted to walking since then until the coming weekend, when I can start “reasonable” jogging (not running, they were very clear on that!) and cycling. Swimming will be an extra week and weight lifting a couple more weeks from then. Of course what causes a concerning rise in Heart Rate is all relative as a “less fit person” would likely reach HR of well over 100bpm when walking, while my gentle riding is in the 90bpm range. I know this as I couldn’t resist and did a 1 hour maintenance ride on my trainer yesterday, but let’s keep that secret.

The interesting thing has been to see how my body and mind have reacted to 6 days of relative inactivity after weeks of increasingly heavy training. First couple of days I felt more tired, lots of naps, a slow drop in my HRV being accompanied by a feeling of ennui. Then from that point, my “pep” has started to return, my HRV levels have risen as have my clearness of thought, enthusiasm and positivity. I literally can’t wait to get back to training (hence my naughty ride yesterday!), and I have the return of my old desires to make massive improvements in my fitness and race results. I have long held a very secret desire to open a training business, which I always dismiss as I simply am not good enough to be someone people would aspire to copy, but again I am thinking maybe, just maybe if I can put everything together and prove that an old back-of-the-packer like me can, with the right effort, move up and achieve the impossible (whatever that impossible dream maybe, for me its Boston Qualifying and reaching Kona), then maybe others can too.

Ok, so now I have let all that out, just a quick few stats of what I did before I had the operation, and will follow up next week with what I’ve done in the second half of this week, once I am officially allowed to start training again

Training Week Seven – week beginning 3rd May 2021

Weight:  Monday 3rd May – 80.9kg

Run: Total 1hr 33mins. 2 sessions. 

Bike: Total 4hrs . 3 sessions all indoors.

Swim: Total time 2hr 33mins. 2 sessions. Long swim 4km

Walk: 3 (after eye operation, various lengths)

S&C : 2 x 60mins gym

The only real comment to be made about the week was that it was cut short due as explained above, however I did manage to get a couple of runs and bikes in plus most notably a 4km swim, something I always like to achieve at least once before I do an Ironman. With two months to go, I hope to get another one completed, however won’t be for a few weeks.

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